Have a Say in What We Play!

How to Rate Songs


Send a text message to the station’s request line. In the body of the message, simply put a number, 1 - 5, followed by “L” (meaning play it LESS), or “M” (meaning play it MORE). Here are examples:

  • 5M - I LOVE this song and want to hear it more.

  • 3M - Pretty good, I think I want to keep hearing it.

  • 4L - I like this song, but you play it too much.

  • 1L - I HATE it and don’t want to hear it more.

  • 2M - Not sure I like this song, but play it more because it might grow on me.

You don’t need a space between the number and the letter, and it’s not case-sensitive, so don’t worry about whether or not you capitalized the M or the L.

rate via desktop or laptop

Login to your member account, which will be accessible from the radio station’s website. Then, simply look for the song rating section (see image). Select the number of stars, choose “Play Less” or “Play More”, and and click Rate Song. Easy!

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 10.27.05 AM.png

Rate via mobile app

Download your radio staton’s companion app. Note that the app will be named with the interactive club name, so for example, it might be called Magic 98’s Circle of Friends, or JJO Frequent Rocker.

Login, and when a song is playing, just click the Rate Song button on the nav bar near the bottom. Then select the number of stars, 1 - 5, and choose More or Less.