Real Time Research For Radio
Mixer gathers listeners opinions on songs in a natural environment, rewards them and provides real time results.
Provides the mechanism for exchanging opinions of the End User to the Media Provider in a natural environment.
End users' exchanges and interactions are both VERTICALLY and HORIZONTALLY aggregated. In real time.
Social Network
End Users interact and exchange with other End Users and the Media provider through a personal social network page.
End User's are rewarded for interacting and exchanging with the Media Provider.
Radio’s Largest Obstacles Eliminated with Mixer
Cell phone only homes and outdated testing mechanisms have combined to make it nearly impossible for traditional radio research platforms to accurately recruit participants or deliver results in a timely manner.

Research requires participants. Participants must be recruited. Recruiting is nearly exclusively done through Telemarketing. It is currently illegal for a telemarketer to make a telemarketing call to a cell phone number if they are using an automated dialer. The current radio research cost structure simply does not support the expense of live telemarketing recruitment. Therefore up to 25% of your audience is simply being ignored.

This problem is compounded when you factor in that the number of cell phone only homes grows exponentially on a daily basis. These people are listening to your radio station. They are not participating in your research.

Most research platforms, online and auditorium, can take several weeks if not months to recruit, execute and return results. This is just not the way the world works anymore. Client demand for instant feed back combined with radio ratings service dedication to faster results make it imperative that radio follow suit.

MIXER eliminates the obstacles of poor recruitment and untimely results by providing Real-Time research on an exclusive patent pending platform that is completely cell phone based.

Programmers can now sit at their desk and literally see instant audience feed back on a song as it plays on the radio. MIXER also provides aggregation of data that, until now, has not been possible. From library to current testing. Artist to sound code break outs. Never before has such a diverse array of information been available to Programmers. Instantly!

MIXER goes even further by providing a unique social network, text platform and rewards mechanism that increases the stations bond with listeners, provides unprecedented perceptual data and creates measureable and effective opportunities for station clients.
Radio no longer has to ignore its audience. For the first time ever, it is possible for radio to interact and exchange with its listeners in real time with MIXER.