MIXER Features

  • Station-branded social network for loyalty club members.
  • Station-branded companion mobile app for iOS and Android.
  • Real-time song rating via desktop.
  • Real-time song rating via mobile app.
  • Real-time song rating via text (using the existing request line for brand reinforcement).
  • Two-way one-to-one texting on the request line between the studio and listeners.
  • Full-featured admin back-office with real-time graph of incoming song scores and burn rate.
  • Dynamic admin user-permission control. Customize admin access for different staff members to suit your needs.
  • Song rating aggregation reports with multiple user-defined parameters, including category, sound code, start/end dates, sample size, artist, song and report demographics.
  • Scheduled reporting. Have your favorite reports automatically delivered to your inbox daily, weekly or monthly.
  • SMS short code for text-blast campaigns (shared short code with unique station keyword, or unique short code at station's request).
  • Rotating banner space visible exclusively to loyalty club members.
  • Dynamic survey platform. Create surveys with point rewards to learn more about your listener. Offer your advertising partners the opportunity to create surveys to learn about the tastes and preferences of their target customer.
  • Dynamic auction platform. Create auctions for premium items, available only to loyalty club members. Bids are placed using points collected from song ratings and completed surveys.
  • Email platform. Create and manage email campaigns from within MIXER.

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