Your research data, delivered in real-time.

Drive listener loyalty using incentive-based participation in real-time research. Unify your programming and sales teams through data aggregation and marketing automation.


And that's a problem.

Why continue to use outdated, overpriced research methods that only reach a portion of your audience and provide limited insight?

What if you had real-time, aggregated data at your fingertips? Data that not only facilitates deeper relationships with your listeners, but provides your sales and sponsorship teams with actionable and measurable insights?

Now you do. 


Get rid of the silos. Never again do you need to pay for a-la-carte services that are totally disconnected from each other. Mixer puts all of your listener data on one platform, so you can make your data work for you.

Get feedback from your listeners in real-time. Know exactly what they think about the song you are playing right now. Incentivize them to provide feedback with the Mixer reward program.

Create a community of listeners around your brand through Mixer's station-branded social platform.

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