Your research data, delivered in real-time.

All of the settings and information described below can be accessed through your Admin panel of MIXER.

Most of your Station Settings information will be pre-populated when MIXER is deployed. This data - aside from the basic 411 about contacting the station - is based on long-term testing, and we don't recommend making changes to these numbers. That said, if you'd like an overview of how they are derived and what they mean, watch this video.




Soundcodes and categories (found under the "Artists/Songs" tab in your admin panel) are a vital component to MIXER's reporting and data aggregation functionality. To get the most from them, your data in MIXER should mirror Selector. As you create categories in MIXER, they should be an exact image of your RCS.

The video below will tell you more.




As your data sample size grows, MIXER is going to be instrumental in helping you make programming decisions. When you make changes in your weekly music meetings, update the MIXER song data to reflect those changes. 

If you see a title in B - Medium scoring higher than some of your A - Heavy titles, you may choose to bump that song to the A - Heavy rotation. If so, adjust the category for that title accordingly in MIXER.

The short video below tells you more.



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Build your database.
Build your database.
Build your database. 

And never stop.

This is fundamental to creating as much value as possible with MIXER; value for your programming department, your sales department, your sponsors, your advertisers, and your listeners.

Create a strategy combining on-air and online, geared towards creating a feeling of union with your listeners.  They have the ability to play an active and very real role in shaping the sound of the radio station. If they aren't yet members, they are missing out on not only the chance to make their voice heard, but on exclusive access to tons of prizes (more on that below), and more importantly, experiences that they cannot get without joining.


This is not the same as your recruitment strategy. This is the process of speaking directly to current users, engaging with them and encouraging their continued participation. They are in the club, enjoying the perks. They have the backstage pass. Make them feel like insiders (they are). Done right, it will also help drive new membership and database growth, but the messaging is distinctly different.


Coming soon.

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